How To Bulk load data using Saleculator Webin

This video will teach you how to bulk load products, categories, and stock details to your Saleculator using the Webin
Note: You can pause the video at places where you need more attention! 🙂

Log-in to Webin #

  1. Open browser and type “localhost”
  2. In the login screen type
    User name: webadmin
    Password: password
    Press Enter or click Login
  3. This will land you on the WEBIN dashboard

Preparing Bulk Data on Excel sheet #

  1. Create two sheets on an excel file with names “Categories” and “Products”
  2. In the Categories sheet add all the available categories from your Shop/Restaurant/Outlets etc.,
  3. In the Products sheet create six columns with headers “CATEGORY, BARCODE, NAME, BUY PRICE, SALE PRICE & STOCK” and add the products and details under each column respectively.
  4. Save the file

Bulk Load steps #

  1. From the WEBIN dashboard click on “Settings” on the left side menu
  2. Under “Settings” click on “Bulk Load”
  3. This will land you on the “Bulk Load Data screen” which has 3 sections. The top section is for uploading the Categories, the Middle section is to upload the Products and the Botton section is to upload the Stock details
  4. In the Categories section copy-paste the list of categories from the “Categories” sheet of your excel file
  5. Click “Save” and this will add all the Categories to Saleculator software
  6. In the Products section copy-paste the “Barcodes, Product Names, Buy Price, Sell Price and Category” from the “Products” sheet of your excel file to the respective fields
  7. Click “Save” and this will add all the products under respective categories to Saleculator software
  8. Copy-paste the product barcodes from the excel file to the Barcode field under the “Stock” section, and copy-paste the “Stock” details from the excel file to the Qty field under the “Stock” section.
  9. Click “Save” and this will add all inventory stock data to the Saleculator software
  10. To check the inventory is updated, from the Administration menu click on Stock > Click Current Inventory under reports > Click Execute report button on the right side to verify the stock report.

Note: Duplicate values in Barcode and Product Names will be rejected by Saleculator software while uploading the data. Make sure you don’t have any duplicate values under the Barcode and Name column on the Products sheet of your excel file.


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