Billing transaction for Advance payment customers

Table of Contents

This document will guide you on how to perform basic billing transactions for customers who have made advance payments.

Procedure #

1. To register a customer who paid in advance, follow the below steps:

Main Menu > Payments > Customer > Click the customer Icon and choose the customer from the list > Click Pay advance button > Enter the advance amount on the keypad and click OK > Choose the method of payment and click Ok.

2. The above process will add the advance amount into the customer’s account, you can confirm the same at the Advance paid section

3. To enable the Advance payment tab on the payment window, follow the below steps:

Administration Menu > Maintenance > Resources > Click payment.receipt.tabs > Uncomment the line “//payment.addPayment(“Advance”, “payment.icon.debt”, “advance”);” by removing the // at the start of the line

4. Press the Save button at the top right corner and restart the system

5. Proceed with the normal sales transaction and once you reach the Payment window you should see a new Payment button by the name Advance being enabled

6. Once you click the Advance button on the payment window you will be able to choose the particular customer from the customer icon button

7. Once the customer is loaded it will show the total advance balance available at the bottom. Click on the Ok button and the current receipt amount will be applied towards the advance amount of this customer


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