Connect a network thermal printer directly with Saleculator

This procedure help to connect a network thermal printer with Saleculator for KOT or receipt printing.

1. Note down printer IP address by taking a test print.
Hold printer feed button and switch on printer to take a test print.

2. Connect printer to a windows system using a patch cord.

3. Change system IP address range to printer IP address range.
If printer IP address is, then change system IP address to and system gateway to

4. From the system, load any web browser and enter printer IP address in URL. This will load printer settings in the browser.

5. Now change the printer IP address to, and gateway to

6. Save the settings and restart printer.

7. Take test print again and confirm whether printer IP has been changed.

8. Connect printer to Saleculator and in Saleculator printer configuration use network instead of file and printer IP,, instead of port.

9. Save configuration and restart Saleculator.


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