How to delete the pictures from all product buttons

Table of Contents

This document will guide you on how to clear the existing pictures on all your product buttons.

Procedure #

Raspberry: #

  1. Access the root by pressing CTRL+ALT=F1 Keys
  2. Once on the black screen type root for user and press Enter
  3. Type saleculator for password and press Enter
  4. Type mysql -u root -p and press Enter
  5. Type password for password and press Enter
  6. Copy-paste or type use SALECULATOR; and press Enter
  7. Copy-paste or type UPDATE PRODUCTS SET IMAGE=NULL; and press Enter
  8. Once successfully executed it should show Query OK with the number of rows affected depending on the number of product buttons with pictures.
  9. Press CTRL+C
  10. Type reboot and press Enter (Refer to below image)

Windows: #

1. Search and open MySQL command prompt from your computer (Refer Installing MySQL for MySQL installation on Windows)

2. Follow the steps from 5 to 8 under Raspberry

3. Type exit and press Enter (Refer to below image)


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