Cash Closing in Saleculator

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What is a Cash Closing #

For each opening and closing of a counter, system keeps a sequence with a start date and an end date. So that system can track how much money is added to the cash drawer from the start of the current sequence. Listed below are different types of cash closing.

Partial Closing
Partial cash allows closing the the day’s sales and taking reports without closing the cash.

Normal Closing
This allows you to close the sales of the current sequence and prints/emails a report for the day’s sales and other transactions. Close cash is done at end of the day or at each shift change. After each Close cash, system automatically starts a new sequence and resets cash drawer amount to zero.

Blind Closing
This is mostly configured for Cashier role. If you don’t see a Print button, you are in blind closing mode. You cannot print a partial cash report under blind closing mode.


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