Fixing “Not enough stock” error when billing products

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Normally this error occurs because of some error in the scripts updated in “event.setline” under “Resources”

Follow the below steps #

  1. Administration Menu > Maintenance > Resources
  2. Under resources click “event.setline” from the left side list
  3. Copy paste the below script on the scripts page under “event.setline” (If already a similar script is present, check if its mentioned <=0 at the end of the second line, if yes remove the = from the equation to make it <0)
if(sales.getStock(line.getProductID())==0 || sales.getStock(line.getProductID())-line.getMultiply()<0)
 javax.swing.JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "There is no stock of this item.");
     return "Cancel";

4. Save the script by clicking the save button on top right

5. Restart the system


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