Fixing “mysqld.exe System Error” while installing MySQL on Windows

Table of Contents

Procedure #

This happens when there are mistakes in trying to install the MySQL database server on Windows. Follow one or more of the below steps to get rid of this error

1. Reinstall the MySQL server from the beginning. Before the re-installation make sure to uninstall the existing MySQL servers and delete all the existing MySQL folders from the C or D drive of your system.

Uninstall all MySQL products
Delete MySQL folder from the ProgramData folder (Mostly this folder is hidden so you need to unhide this folder)
Delete MySQL folder from Program Files (x86) folder (If found)
Delete MySQL folder from Program Files folder (If found)
Delete all MySQL related applications and files from the downloads folder

2. Uninstall any existing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable applications

3. Once done with all the uninstallation and deletion processes, restart your computer

4. Proceed to installation of MySQL on your computer from the beginning as a new process.
Click on this link Using MySQL for Saleculator to access the document on how to install MySQL from the start.


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