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Ever considered the most efficient and simple way to do billing at your point of sale(POS)? Instantly record sales, customer details and stock movements and get powerful business insights. Print invoices right away and back up all your transactions? Then it’s high time to upgrade your business with Saleculator to keep up with needs of modern technology and markets. Make your billing system efficient and cutting-edge with Saleculator POS billing software for all your businesses needs.

Saleculator is a stable, reliable, and secure Point of Sale Software for retail stores and restaurants around the globe.

Implementing Saleculator is a three step process:

Assess > Configure > Operate

Assess #

The POS serves as the central component for your business; it’s the hub where everything – like sales, inventory and customer management merge. So, it is very important to assess how a point of sale transaction is completed.

Take some time to really think of how customer places an order, how the order is delivered and how customer makes the payment in your business. Your business may support multiple methods to do purchase, multiple ways to deliver it and multiple options to make the payment.

Having a proper assessment of your business is very important in making sure that the sales operations are running smoothly. A wrong configuration of Saleculator run the risk of slowing down sales operations and missing critical data that could help you grow your business.

Use the below forms to summarize the result of assessment.

For retail business access the form here.

For restaurant business access the form here.


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