How to use auxiliary product as item note or modifier

This method makes item note entry, on sales screen, easy by creating auxiliary product for each of the note.

1. Create a product category NOTES.

2. Create auxiliary products (Adding Auxiliary Product) for each of the item note and keep it under NOTES category.
Create an auxiliary product with name “NOTE”, so that if any additional information has to be captured this item can be choosen.

3. Go to Maintenance>Resources>Ticket.Buttons and enable event.addline line.

4. Go to Maintenance>Resources>event.addline and add the below script

if (line.isProductCom() && line.getProductName().equals("NOTE")) {
	String modifier = sales.readText("Enter Modifier:");
	ticket.getLine(index).setProperty("", ticket.getLine(index).getProductName() + " " + modifier);
    return "Cancel";
else if (line.isProductCom() && ticket.getLinesCount() > 0) {
    ticket.getLine(index).setSalePrice(ticket.getLine(index).getSalePrice() + line.getSalePrice());
    ticket.getLine(index).setProperty("", ticket.getLine(index).getProductName() + " " + line.printName());
    return "Cancel";

Save and Restart.

On Sales screen, add an item to the ticket, go to NOTES category and choose one of the notes. For adding additional information, choose the item NOTE and input details.


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