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Version 4.1 Update 1

Release Notes

Saleculator 4.1 Update 1

  • Online store integration with WooCommerce,, and
  • Automatically triggered events on accepting or rejecting online order
  • Custom POS Reports can be send to Email or save to disk
  • Print QR Codes on Receipts
  • Send QR code to the printer as an image for printers not support QR code
  • ZATCA Compatible QR Codes
  • Added support for dynamic formatted date and time
  • Attributes updated to support ticket attributes and product attributes together
  • Added category sales report in close cash report
  • Bug fixed in POS reports when parsing 24hours time format
  • Bug fixed in switching to restaurant mode to do table layout
  • Fixed layout issues when showing receipt attributes
  • Fixed textbox layout issue on text input keyboard
  • Fixed issue when updating stock of break down products with attributes
  • Fixed issue of returning stock with missing decimals
  • Fixed issue in Products Sales profit margin calculation

Saleculator 4.0 Update 5

  • Dynamic labels for product buttons on sales screen
  • Receive stock at offline or online outlets
  • Access configuration screen when there is database or other configuration error
  • Partial cash printing option on blind closing screen
  • New sales report with payment type filter

Saleculator 4.0 Update 4

  • Multiple outlet support with database and individual receipt number sequence
  • Option to keep remote connection alive to make outlet billing faster
  • New method to get elapsed time of ticket since order is taken
  • Caller ID device driver is loaded only if Vendor Id and Product Id is set
  • Fixed issue of stock checking getting slow on sales screen
  • Fixed issue of dynamic price updating getting slow on sales screen

Saleculator 4.0 Update 3

  • New UI

Saleculator 4.0 Update 2

  • Custom POS Reports
  • Cash drawer is opened for Cash In, Cash Out, Supplier and Customer payments, and for counting cash while cash closing,
  • Receipt printed for supplier payments
  • Made configuration is loading only during software is started.
  • Tables can be created using Add button on Table Layout screen.
  • For ticket searching by customer, customer search key is also considered.
  • In close cash sql result, column total and records count made available.
  • Backup, Restore, TurnOff and Restart support in windows.
  • Customer searching using exact text match by enclosing search text by + sign.
  • Product searching using exact text match by enclosing search text by + sign.
  • Added product searching by reference.
  • Use serial DEACTIVATE to deactivate the system.

Saleculator 4.0 Update 1

  • Label scale integration
  • Input actual cash and notes when closing
  • New close cash report for blind closing
  • Keeps partial cash printing count
  • Print close/partial cash printed date and time
  • Role based category
  • Role name accessible from ticket and templates
  • Shows search key with customer name when in customer search result
  • Fixed product filter bug
  • Fixed tax report bug

Saleculator 3.9 Update 7

  • ZPL Arabic Support
  • Online Order support
  • Categorise cash payments
  • Combined mode operations
  • New custom button type for fast card and debt billing, with or without customer.
  • Made table and call objects accessible from script
  • Inventory costing is now configurable.
  • Product search dropdown no look for text anywhere in product name or barcode.
  • New attribute type Description with multiline support.
  • Now quantity can be calculated from price embedded barcode.
  • Changes to generic printer in handling new line and font size.
  • New item entry, code*quantity support
  • Now, date and time shown on screen is loaded from configuration.
  • Refund error, after editing a closed bill, bug fixed.
  • Now Taxes report shows tax category and taxes under it.
  • App buttons for on-screen keyboard, browser and remote support added..
  • Disable enter key from product not found message box on sales screen.

Saleculator 3.9 Update 6

  • New feature support bluetooth scales
  • New feature support hx711 scales
  • New feature support hd44780 customer displays
  • New feature support scalable items in stock maintenance
  • New feature change pictures on second display automatically at set intervals
  • New feature show selected item’s picture on second display
  • New feature support automatic billing on events
  • New feature support printing token in receipts and KOT
  • New custom button type for fast cash billing
  • Now tax can be set for materials
  • New feature allow to set on screen receipt width
  • New report for customer debts
  • New event added for driver selection in delivery mode
  • Now SMS is sent in background to avoid waiting while sending SMS
  • New update accept advance amount before payment screen is shown in customer advance payments
  • New update support UPC barcodes
  • New update show confirmation dialog in Stock Maintenance screen, for updating stock
  • New update set sale price including tax when using dynamic pricing
  • New update reflects price changes immediately for next sale, if edited price is saved
  • New update show Reload and Unlock buttons in delivery mode
  • Now tables can be arranged upto the borders of the screen
  • Floor backgrounds are now tiled
  • In restaurant mode, table selection drop down menu can be configured to be hidden
  • Fixed Purchase Invoice CREATEDDATE bug
  • Fixed issue causing printing error when using & sign in product names
  • Fixed issue in counting items when there is a scalable item

Saleculator 3.9 Update 5

  • New feature to keep timer for a selected table.
  • New feature for dynamic table names.
  • New feature for custom table size.
  • New feature to select driver from sales screen.
  • New feature to transliterate to arabic when printing.
  • Products sales report aligned to wrap product name.
  • Updated supplier diary report.
  • Fixed issues in customer diary report.
  • PDA: Automatic keyboard popup for user input.

Saleculator 3.9 Update 4

  • New feature to display realtime reading from weighing scale.
  • New feature to accept user input from sales screen with data type and keyboard support.
  • New feature to choose a shell script from local system for sumup sync.
  • Fixed issue category sales report during closing.

Saleculator 3.9 Update 3

  • New feature to set attribute type.
  • New feature loads last ticket automatically for the current user.

Saleculator 3.9 Update 2

  • New feature to make purchase returns.
  • New report listing purchases and purchase tax.

Saleculator 3.9 Update 1

  • Stock maintenance updated for taxes.
  • New report listing sales and sales tax.
  • Roles editor changed for line numbers and formatting.
  • Now customer diary show all receipts of customers.

Saleculator 3.8 Update 6

  • New resource, Product.Properties, to set default properties for products.
  • New feature to save sale price of 0 priced items.
  • New feature to print last ticket from sales screen.
  • New methods, sales.addItemByQuantity(code, quantity) and sales.addItemByPrice(code, price), to add item automatically to the ticket.
  • New feature to select attribute values from a list of buttons.
  • Fixed issue of ticket not refreshing after scanning customer card.
  • Fixed issue of missing payment note in close cash report.
  • Fixed issue of missing back button on catalog, when category is not visible.
  • Fixed issue of catalog reloading when events enabled.
  • CloseCash.Reports sections can now be disabled by commenting.
  • Default tax category set to Tax Exempt for open items.
  • Fixed issue selecting ticket from Edit Sales, when there are multiple tickets with same Id.
  • Fixed issue of customer being selected even after pressing cancel button on customer search window.
  • Shows device serial key on configuration page.

Saleculator 3.8 Update 5

  • New feature to layout tables by drag and drop.
  • Text resource can be copied from flash drive.
  • If database connection failed, now the system asks whether to restart software.
  • Sales screen show item lines count.

Saleculator 3.8 Update 4

  • Global font styling added.
  • New feature to dynamically change warehouse of current sale.
  • New feature to show custom status messages on sales screen.
  • Customer report layout updated.
  • Fixed issue in close cash screen when there is multiple close cash hosts.
  • Fixed issue in setting access to system maintenance buttons.

Saleculator 3.8 Update 3

  • Added db health checking features while taking backup and restoring.
  • Updated products sales report to include profit.
  • Fixed dialog position issue when using second display.
  • Fixed font missing issue in reports.

Saleculator 3.8 Update 2

  • New reports in close cash report using dynamic SQL statements.
  • Now close cash screen only load data required for reports set in CloseCash.Reports resource. It makes close cash screen loading faster.
  • Fixed unicode issue in product sales report in close cash report.
  • Fixed issue in average cost of products set during stock maintenance.

Saleculator 3.8 Update 1

  • Saleculator now support accepting advance payments and paying by it.
  • Stock movement report in close cash report.
  • Partial payment support when using card payment.
  • Saleculator now shows battery status.

Saleculator 3.7 Update 4

  • Configuration changed to multiple tabs
  • Now 6 printers can be configured on configuration screen
  • Network manager support added
  • Added support for button styling in stock management and stock diary.
  • Now permission can be set for buttons split and shift table.
  • Fixed issue in report of sales returns having open item.
  • Stock diary report is now sorted on date.

Saleculator 3.7 Update 3

  • New feature supporting second display
  • Fixed issue when saving report to usb
  • Fixed issue when magnet card transaction is null
  • Fixed issue in delivery ticket settlement, when driver not selected
  • Fixed issue in delivery report for orders without call

Saleculator 3.7 Update 2

  • New feature supporting KDS: KOT screen to view KOT status
  • New feature supporting KDS: KOT screen to view user specific KOT status
  • New feature supporting KDS: Lines can be marked for demand estimation
  • Now receipt total can be printed on customer display while adding each item.
  • Fixed issue in settlement screen, when scanning same receipt multiple times.
  • Fixed issue while printing barcode in KOT after changing item quantity.
  • Fixed issue in reward point redeeming.
  • Fixed issue in showing receipt with multiple payments.

Saleculator 3.7 Update 1 with new image

  • New feature tracks all transactions under account heads.
  • New reports for payments and accounts.
  • New feature to keep track of removed lines.
  • New feature allow editing of UI language files.
  • New feature hiding menu automatically.
  • Now attribute values populated in sales by product attribute report.
  • Fixed issue of delivery tickets not reflecting settlement on sales screen when settled from delivery settlement screen.
  • Fixed issue when printing card payment report multiple times.
  • Fixed issue in showing selected tariff area when reloading ticket.
  • Product sales report now works for running cash sequences.

Saleculator 3.6 Update 12

  • Styling product buttons on sales screen using HTML.
  • New feature added for choosing credit card service provider on payment dialog.
  • Shortcut buttons on sales screen to go other screens.
  • Now showing resources list sorted.
  • Support for quantity embedded barcode added.
  • Automatic restarting after delete transaction.
  • Fixed issue in ticket.tableselected event.
  • Fixed issue in cash difference when giving change for foreign currency.

Saleculator 3.6 Update 11

  • Fixed issue in releasing accidental table locks.
  • Now category window on sales screen be made hide.
  • Selected line index made available in ticket.addline.
  • Material selection by barcode and category added for creating composite products.
  • Fixed issue of doubling material listing in stock management and stock diary.
  • Support printCode() to print product barcode in receipt.

Saleculator 3.6 Update 10

  • Barcode label printing support added.
  • Foreign currency support added.
  • View receipt from driver selection window.
  • Customer diary report sorted based on date.
  • Delivery Order settlement driver selection made touch friendly.
  • Fixed an issue with restoring .sql files.
  • Fixed an issue with loading tickets for settlement.
  • Disable automatic loading of next ticket from queue after generating receipt.

Saleculator 3.6 Update 8

  • Added code highlighting feature when editing java, xml and sql code.
  • Fixed a bug while settling debt customer in Settlement window.

Saleculator 3.6 Update 7

  • Tariff drop down on sales screen changed to touchscreen friendly button.
  • Keyboard layout changed to ASDF.
  • Tariff applies to auxiliary items also.

Saleculator 3.6 Update 1

  • Product In Catalog table removed. Error shown when a not in catalog item code entered.
  • Caller ID searching on delivery screen. Prefix 000 to caller id for searching.
  • Show/Hide button size made bigger.
  • Script Buttons on top is set invisible for users having no permission on it.
  • A new event ticket.tableselected added.
  • Option to select/change customer on payment debt tab.
  • Machine name and cash closing host name can be configuration separately.
  • For each user login active cash is reloaded.
  • My Settlement screen for tickets generated by logged in user.
  • Problem with arabic printing for connected letters fixed.
  • Table/Call is locked while opened by a user.
  • Tickets are not shared between different billing modes.

Saleculator 3.5 Update 20

  • Added Buzzer support
  • Configurable customer code embedded barcodes
  • Made driver selection touch friendly
  • Shows character barcode in sales screen
  • Catalog printing support, selected category, price buy, stock and attributes
  • Turkish language support
  • French language support

Saleculator 3.5 Update 19

  • Stock Maintenance support text in barcode
  • Stock Maintenance: Changed buy price from last price to average price while stock in
  • Now product break down can be done with products/aux/materials. Earlier it was only materials
  • Sales report can be generated by selecting attribute instead of typing attribute.
  • New sales report by product attribute.

Saleculator 3.5

  • Delivery Module with the following features added:

    Delivery sales screen


    Delivery settlement

    Telephone interfacing, Line statuses for Inactive, Disconnected, Connected, Ringing

    Delivery reports

    Separate resource, Printer.CloseCashMail, for Partial/Close cash mail. Set printer=”-1″ for not printing email on printer.

  • Customer input dialog with touchscreen keyboard
  • Restart changed to soft restart, instead of system restart.
  • SQL Window added.
  • Entering demo mode added. Enter ‘demo’ in activation window for demo mode.
  • Delete transaction script is read from the resource SQL.DeleteTransactions.
  • Complete or partial backup support added. Partial backup tables can be set in the resource SQL.BackupTables.
  • Image alignment problem on receipt fixed.
  • Delivery calls looks for customer match in searchkey, phone and phone2.
  • View bill from settlement screen.

Saleculator 3.0

  • PIN Based login.

    This version onwards password for all users are mandatory.
    Default passwords are: Administrator: 1111, Manager: 2222, Employee: 3333.
    For upgrades, Administrator is set to 1111 and all other passwords are reset. Administrator has to login and set PIN’s for other users to enable their login.

  • Functionality of Kitchen Display System added.
  • Network Printer support added.
  • Webin Support.
  • Sumup Support.
  • Price/Weight embedded barcodes with configurable prefixes.
  • Event when a ticket is deleted on sales window.
  • roundDouble method accept second parameter for number of decimals.
  • Print Customer diary to receipt printer from customer payment screen.
  • Customer reports based on customer category.
  • Change product price on Stock Maintenance screen.
  • Product code and Enter key/Barcode scanner support on Stock Maintenance screen.
  • Create customer on sales screen by going customer search.
  • Added address search to customer finder.
  • Updated to show attributes already set for receipt or item.
  • Blind cash closing.
  • For (in)Purchase and (in)Production, it updates product buy price.
  • ALT+, shows/hides the side menu.
  • Change receipt properties from settlement screen.
  • Set date for receipt attribute type.
  • Set shortcut ALT+T for Settlement.
  • Clicking on user name at bottom logs out user.

Saleculator 2.2

  • Support for Scales baud rate added
  • Shows Saleculator version on top left corner.

Saleculator 2.1

  • Sumup services integration
  • Settlement window now lists tickets from closed sequences
  • Arabic language support

Saleculator 2.0

  • Online software updates
  • Materials report
  • System activation