Using Label Scale with Saleculator

Watch this video to learn how to use Barcode Label Scale with your Saleculator software

Description #

Connecting Saleculator to the Label Scale: #

  1. Login to the Saleculator using the administrator password.
  2. Administrator Menu > Maintenance > Resources > Menu.root > Scroll down to title “Syncing” > Uncomment the 3rd line by removing // at the start of the line > Click “Save” button on top > Restart the system.
  3. Again Login using administrator password.
  4. Administrator Menu > Maintenance > Click on the new “Sync Scale” button under Sync Data field.
  5. In the Sync Scale pop-up window enter the IP address of the Label Scale (Which can be obtained from the scale itself or using the software scale) and click the “Connect” button. Once the Scale is connected it will show “connected” below. Click “Exit” button.

Enabling Embedded barcodes: #

  1. Administrator Menu > Maintenance > Resources > Ticket.Buttons > Scroll to the bottom to see the comments like below
    <!– <priceembedded value=”210″/> –>
    <!– <weightembedded value=”250″/> –>
    <!– <quantityembedded value=”270″/> –>
    (If you don’t show this line copy paste below the above line)
  2. The numbers 210, 250 and 270 are the value codes for the Price, Weight, and Quantity respectively. A product’s value (Price, Weight, Quantity) will be recognized by the system using these prefixes on its barcode.
  3. Uncomment these lines by removing <!– at the front and –> at the end of the lines.
  4. Click “Save” button on top and restart the system.

Adding Label Scale Products: #

  1. Administrator Menu > Stock > Products > Enter the reference number (New product) > In the barcode field type the first 7 digits of the barcode including the value prefix. e.g. 2500001, 2500002 (Weight) etc.,
  2. Fill other important fields for the product as usual
  3. Once done, click the “Stock” tab next to “General” tab and check mark the box for “Scale”. This will enable us filter the products while uploading to scale.

4. Click the “+” icon to add the product or “Save” button to save the changes.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to add other products with different values, e.g. 2100001 (Price), 270001
(Quantity) etc.,

Uploading Products to the Label Scale: #

  1. Administrator Menu > Maintenance > Sync Scale > Enter the IP address and click “Connect’ button.
  2. Once connected, choose products with same values (Weigh Embedded/Price Embedded) below the PLU panel on the left that has to be loaded.
  3. Click “Upload” button below the products list
  4. Once the product is successfully uploaded the progress bar on the top will turn green to show 100%, also you can see “Task completed” comment on top of the progress bar.

Uploading Hot keys to the Label Scale: #

  1. Choose the key numbers for the uploaded products from HOT PLU panel on the right side.
  2. Click “Upload” button below the Hot key list.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all other products.

Printing Labels: #

  1. Place the product on the label scale (For which you want the barcode label).
  2. Press the corresponding Hot key you have chosen for the product.
  3. This will print a barcode label sticker with the weight and price embedded in it.
  4. Scan these labels with your barcode scanner to have it loaded on to the Saleculator sales screen and proceed with the transactions.


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