GST Update for India

Script for new GST tax implementation

Download the zip file from below link, and extract to a flash drive.

After extracting the zip file, you will get 3 script files and 1 template file.

Script 1 GST12: Restore this script if only 12% GST is applicable.

Script 2 GST18: Restore this script if only 18% GST is applicable.

Script 3 GSTBasedOnCustomer: Restore this script if both 12% and 18% GST is applicable. The tax is applied based on customer category. After restoring this script, there will be 2 customers created. Before generating receipt, choose customer GST12 to apply 12% tax and choose customer GST18 to apply 18% tax.

Template TaxPrintTemplate: Load this template section at appropriate place in Printer.Ticket and Printer.TicketPreview to print tax details in receipt.

Take backup before restoring the script.
Tax is applied to all the products. After restoring the script, you have to manually choose Tax Exempt for tax exempted products, if you have any.


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