Using Bluetooth weighing scale with Saleculator on Raspberry Pi

Watch below video to learn how to setup Bluetooth weighing scale for Saleculator POS on Raspberry Pi.

Description #

Terminal Commands #

These are the commands executed at the terminal to connect the Bluetooth scale with Saleculator software.

  1. To access the terminal press Ctrl+Alt+F1 together on your keyboard
  2. Inside the terminal type root for the user name and saleculator for the password (Enter)
  3. Type hciconfig (Enter)
  4. Type bluetoothctl on (Enter)
  5. Type scan on (Enter) This will show the MAC address of your scale! (e.g. FC:A8:9B:00:08:B4)
  6. Type exit (Enter)
  7. Type apt-get install librxtx-java (Enter)
  8. Type nano /etc/X11openbox/autostart (Enter)
  9. Scroll down to the bottom and copy-paste
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/jni:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH rfcomm connect hci0 FC:A8:9B:00:08:B4 &
    (FC:A8:9B:00:08:B4 is the MAC address of my Bluetooth scale, please make sure to replace it with yours!)
    Make sure to copy-paste this line just above the line that reads
    java -jar /opt/Saleculator/Saleculator.jar
  10. Press Ctrl+X keys to exit and press Y when asked for saving the changes and hit the Enter key
  11. Type exit and hit Enter key

Adding Weighable Product #

Please refer to the below links for adding and setting a weighable product: (Adding Product) (Setting a weighable product)

Setting up Bluetooth scale with Saleculator software #

  1. Login to Saleculator using the administrator PIN (1111)
  2. System Menu > Configuration > Peripherals Tab > Scale (Choose continuous transmission) > Port (Type /dev/rfcomm0) > Baud Rate (Choose 9600) > Save > OK > Restart
  3. Once restarted you should see the weight indicator/readings on top of the Saleculator screen
  4. Login to Saleculator using the administrator PIN (1111) again
  5. Place any product (Banana) on the Bluetooth scale and see if the weight displayed on the Bluetooth scale is reflecting on top of the Saleculator screen as well
  6. From the Saleculator products catalog click on a product (Banana) to load it to the sales screen. Now you should see the product weight reflecting under the Units Tab
  7. If you need to alter the weight, just add or reduce the quantity of the product placed on the Bluetooth scale and click the “Scale” button on the top right corner, this will update the product’s weight instantly.


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