How to solve repeated activation key requests?

This article will teach you how to solve the issue of Saleculator asking for Activation key every time when it is restarted!

There are two main reasons why Saleculator asks the Activation key for every restart

When the Data is older than 30 days! #

This happens when the Saleculator is a 30 days trial version. The reason is system has data older than 30 days and is recognized by the software as expired data. On trial version the Saleculator doesn’t allow any data older than 30 days.
So the only solution is to have the Saleculator software upgraded to a permanent version, by replacing the trial key with the permanent key.

When the System Date and Time is incorrect! #

This happens for Saleculator with permanent activation key! The reason is that the Date and Time of your system/computer is incorrect or there is a defect in BIOS data.
The solution is to have your system Date and Time updated/rectified and also the BIOS data needs to be rectified. Check this link for updating the Date and Time.

If the date and time is resetting to an old date or the wrong time, the CMOS battery is bad and needs to be replaced. For help with CMOS battery issues, see: Why is computer asking for the time and date each time it boots?


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