How to resolve “Danger: Cannot connect to database. Database not available” error on Windows

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Mostly this kind of error occurs because of MySQL run error in the background. As a result, the Saleculator is unable to load the database! Follow the below steps to fix the issue:

Procedure #

1. On the Windows search box type services, open the services application and search for MySQL under the “Name” column

2. If it doesn’t show “Running” under the “Status” column, it means the MySQL service on your system is not running in the background which is important for the Saleculator database upload!

3. Double click on MySQL and open the MySQL Properties window. Under the General Tab choose Automatic from the Startup type dropdown and click the Start button under the Service status (Which will show Stopped at present)

Click Apply and OK

4. This will start the MySQL service on your system background and will start automatically every time the system is turned on. The picture below shows the successful execution of MySQL on the background

5. Close the Services window and restart the Saleculator.


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