Activating Saleculator

Saleculator prompts for activation when you start Saleculator after successful installation. To activate Saleculator, you need a license key. If Saleculator was previously activated on your device, you can use the same old key used to activate the device. Please contact Saleculator Support if you are not able to locate the license key you bought.

For a 30 days trial key. please visit below URL.

To purchase a permanent license key, please visit below URL.

The license key used to activate Saleculator can be found in the Configuration screen.

Updating Saleculator SSL Certificates Manually in Java Keystore
In case you are getting SSL error when activating, please follow below document for updating Saleculator SSL Certificates:

Installing WEBIN for Raspberry Pi #

  1. Access the root by Ctrl+Alt+F1 or using the Putty application. From the root type
    cd /var/www (To access the www folder)
    rm -r * (To remove everything from this folder)
  2. Type
    wget (To download the latest WEBIN zip file)
    unzip (To unzip the file)
    rm (To remove the zip file)
  3. Type
    mysql -u root -p SALECULATOR < script.sql (To update the script) and hit Enter
  4. Type the password
  5. Type reboot and hit Enter


  1. Emmanuel Erandio
    July 22, 2021

    Is webin working even If the Browser is not on the same network with the pos terminal?

    • Jizeen
      July 23, 2021

      Yes, it does! For more details on how to access WEBIN from anywhere or any device, you can chat with us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right corner of our website or email us at

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