Saleculator stuck at command shell

If you see Saleculator stuck at any of below screens, it might be an issue with a Linux system having no free space in hard disk.

Verifying the issue #

Execute the below command in shell to check disk space usage:


If you see a result with any of the listed partition with a 100% usage the issue is verified to be not enough free space. If you see the below picture, the folder /var is 100% use causing the issue.

Fixing the issue #

Execute the below command in shell:

rm ~/.xsession-errors

Now try again the df command and if you see the usage reduced, the issue fixed. As you can see in the below image, after executing the above command the /var folder usage became 74%.

To permanently fix this issue, add the above command in autostart file.

nano /etc/X11/openbox/autostart

After editing the file should look like below:

Save and exit the file editor (Ctrl+X, press Y and press Enter key). Then reboot the system.


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