Fixing error “The entity name must immediately follow the ‘&’ in the entity reference.”

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Usually, this error occurs when trying to set up a new KOT and Receipt printouts. Follow the below steps to clear this error

Procedure #

  1. Administration Menu > Maintenance > Resources
  2. Under Resources click on Printer.Ticket and search for the establishment name, address or any other text fields where you have typed “&” intead of “and“.
  3. If you find the symbol & typed in any of these fields replace it with &
  4. After making the necessary changes click on the Save button and restart the system.
  5. This way you can maintain the & symbol on the Establishment Titles or address at the same time the error will be cleared.
    E.g., For brand names like Johnson & Johnsons, MKA Bakes & Fries etc.,


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