How to print duplicate receipt copy

Table of Contents

This document will guide you in creating duplicate receipt copies for the same bill.

Procedure #

1. Administration Menu > Maintenance > Resources

2. Under Resources click on Printer.Ticket from the left side resources list

3. On the scripts page copy lines from <ticket> to </ticket> (E.g., Lines 17 to 295)

4. Paste the copied lines on the same page after the first ticket ending line (E.g., From Line 297)

5. You can rename the end credits for the duplicate ticket
E.g., change the line
<text align=”center” length=”48″>Thank you for your visit.</text>
<text align=”center” length=”48″>DUPLICATE COPY</text>

6. Click the Save button on top

7. Restart the system

8. Printout of the original and duplicate should look like the ones shown in the images below


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