Bill settlement

Saleculator POS has effective ways to monitor and maintain various bill settlements that are executed. In an ideal busy day transaction there are higher chances of missing out different payments that are pending, current and yet to settle.

To prevent any such discrepancies we have a unique feature called “Settlement” listed under the Main Menu. The cashier can confirm the payment against a bill or can make any modifications to the type of payment. E.g., Cash payment to card or a Card payment to cash.

Unsettled receipts are populated under the Settlement screen. Single click on receipt to update or change the payment method (Cash/Card) and click again to settle the bill. Once settled the receipt will disappear from the settlement screen. If there is no changes to the payment method you can directly double click on the receipt to make the settlement. In this manner the cashier can make sure not to miss payments against any number of bills.


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