How to enable the buzzer sound (Beep) for your KOT printers

Table of Contents

This document will guide you on enabling the buzzer sound for your KOT printers

Procedure #

Under normal scenario we kee the first Printer default for receipts and the Printer2 for KOT2 etc.,

1. Administration > Maintenance > Resources

2. Under Resources click Printer.KOT2, Printer.KOT1, Printer.KOT3 etc.,

3. Add the below line in Printer.KOT2 after the line </ticket>

<buzzer printer="2"/>   

(Number 2 indicates the KOT number, you may change it your desired KOT number)

4. Refer to below image for the exact position to paste:

5. Click on the Save button and restart the system.


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