Data backup using command prompt (Windows)

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This document will guide you on how to backup your Saleculator data using the command prompt on Windows. This method is useful when your Backup option under the Maintenance shows repeated errors!

Procedure #

(Note: This procedure is workable only if you have MySQL already installed on your computer, click here for MySQL installation procedure on Windows)

1. Find the path where the bin folder is located under the MySQL server folder, Most cases it will be

C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\bin

(Where MySQL Server 5.7 is the current MySQL version installed on your computer, this may vary as per the version)

2. Open the command prompt on the computer and type or copy-paste the commands as mentioned below (Press Enter key after each line)

1. cd \
2. cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\bin
   (This is the bin path)
3. mysqldump -u root -p SALECULATOR > C:/Backup/filename.sql  
   (C:/Backup is a folder on your computer, where you like to save the backup)
4. Password is password and press Enter

Once the above steps are executed successfully it will return to the bin path for the next line (Refer to the image below)

Here I have named “favshop.sql” for my backup. You can name the file as per your needs.

3. Once done, go to your backup folder and check if the file with the assigned name is available (Refer to the image below)


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