Benefits of QR codes in future business


There was a new hotel that was built at a specific location, passersby found a variety of large, colorful QR codes in the window. Curious people started scanning the codes with smartphones, where they found a variety of fun results. For example, one QR code sent the user to a video that highlighted a local artist whose work was being featured inside the hotel. Another provided sneak peeks of the trendy hotel’s interior. And another delivered a playlist of music that fit the hotel’s unique vibe.

This clever campaign delivered what it set out to do: creating hype around the opening of the hotel. It’s just one of many examples showcasing innovative QR code uses.

The convenience of contactless QR codes is likely here to stay post-pandemic, as are the creative QR code uses that restaurants and retailers have launched to surprise and delight their customers. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you.

Interacting with customers can be done in a variety of ways.

  • A gift store can put QR codes on their product shelves next to handcrafted items. Customers can be sent to videos that share personal information about the artist or company that made the item.
  • A business can create hype by using QR codes to send customers to a website that teases new product launches or shares information about upcoming sales or events.

If your products and services could benefit from instructions, QR codes can help.

  • A grocery store could put a code on the shelf next to products to offer instructions or recipe tutorials.
  • A salon owner could share makeup application tips customers would access by scanning a QR code on a business card or product packaging.

How to get started with QR codes

QR codes can provide a fun way to engage customers. Here are some simple steps to get started:

  • Determine the type of content that would enhance your business, such as sharing information, creating ambiance, or providing instructions.
  • Curate the content. To offer music, create a private playlist on a platform like Spotify that can be accessed by customers who have the link. To share a video, you can hire a professional or simply ask a staff member to shoot it with a camera or smartphone. Then post the video to a platform like YouTube.
  • When your content is live, use a QR code generator that will create a unique code to direct the user to the website URL you input.
  • Finally, share the code on your packaging or on a label next to your product shelves.

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Today’s customers are used to seeing QR codes when they pay or when they’re ready to order. By using these codes to provide unique experiences, your customers can engage with your brand, no matter where they are.

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