Quick Service Features

Quick Service

Speed and convenience, makes your customers keep coming back.

Order Management

Ensure orders are quickly fulfilled by tracking them as walk-in, take-out, or delivery until completion. Speed of service and order tracking are key considerations here.

Quick Keys

Quick keys are shortcuts that associates a single button for a commonly sold item. By pressing a quick key, a group of items can be added to the ticket.

Quick keys can be configured for generating bills as soon as a fast selling item is added.

Order Taking

Saleculator allow multiple floors and tables track customers from beginning from their orders to settling their bill. To give best customer dining expereience.

Intuitive Design

Saleculator offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface and functionality, reducing time spent taking and charging for orders.

Ger your new hire trained in few minutes.

Kitchen Printing and Kitchen Displays

Provide kitchen staff an instant print-out of an order.

Kitchen printer and kitchen displays

Create  multiple sale prices for an item. Use it based on the customer category. It may be a wholesale price your give or a discounted pricing applied for customer loyalty.

Demand estimation

Create  multiple sale prices for an item. Use it based on the customer category. It may be a wholesale price your give or a discounted pricing applied for customer loyalty.

Multi Location

Manage multi outlet based franchise network with total control from your Head office

Refund a sale

Refund an entire sale or part of a sale from the Saleculator Edit Sales screen. Refunded items are added back to the inventory.


Instead of a refund, at occasions, you can exchange items by editing a bill.


Cash closing or partial closing is used for day end closing or cashier shifts to balance your cash drawer. It is done on a regular basis and hold staff accountable for the money they’ve handled.

Cash Closing

Cash closing is done, at end of the day or during cashier shifts, when the cash is removed from the drawer. Before closing the cash, cashier should enter total cash and coins currently in the drawer along with any closing notes.

After each cash closing, Saleculator send emails with actual cash and expected cash reports along with other reports.

Blind closing

One of the unique features of Saleculator is blind cash closing. Blind closing doesn’t show cash balance in the system to cashier. Cashier counts the actual cash available in the drawer and enter it before closing. This feature doesn’t allow cashier to manipulate cash difference between actual cash and expected drawer cash.

Partial closing

When you don’t want to remove cash from the drawer and still make a cashier shift, you can use partial closing. Partial closing simply generates a report with a sequence number and send you via email.

Online and PDA orders

Saleculator inventory management will keep track of all of your products and even help you see which products perform well and which don’t.


Save your purchase invoices right from your POS and keep inventory up to date. You can make supplier payments from Saleculator Payments screen.

Reorder levels

Reorder levels help you avoid selling products that have run out of stock, or let you know when you need to order or make more of your product.

Stock transfer

Saleculator stock management will make it easy for you to transfer items between stores or warehouses, so you can easily move stock from one location to the next.