Making a good Restaurant experience!

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More than the food you serve customers are also dining with you for the ambiance and the experience. On a weekend night, after a long week, sometimes the last thing you want is to cook dinner. Instead, you might want to relax after a tolling work week with a good meal for a relaxing evening. 

Restaurants have become a hub for parties, celebrations, and treating ourselves. Right now those occasions might not be happening on-premise, but you can still create a memorable experience that will keep your customers engaged. Here’s how. 

Focus on loyalty

A good customer experience is the amalgamation of many touchpoints, but from your customer’s point of view it usually just comes down to how appreciated they feel. After the last year, restaurant owners are especially thankful for their loyal customers, and one of the best ways to reward them and show them how much you appreciate their business is with a loyalty program. 

Don’t keep customers guessing

Stay top of mind with customers by sharing regular messages that reassure customers of your commitment to ensuring safety and protecting their interests, however they’re dining with you. 

Some ways you can communicate updates to your customers are: 

  • On your website: With banners and homepage updates, you can share a notice front and center communicating your reopening plans. 
  • Send a newsletter or email series: Keep regular customers and subscribers updated through email. With an email marketing tool, you can send customized marketing emails to your regulars and offer promotions and advertise your loyalty programs without leaving your dashboard. 
  • Reach customers on social media: Share updates and photos on your social media channels, highlighting the accommodations and preparations you’ve made for customers. Social channels are also just a good way, in general, to connect with customers and build a stronger community.

Go above the expectations and demands

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Go above the limitations with your customers and pay attention to the little details that can make their day. Offer promotions around their birthdays or other special occasions, and include extra sauce and bonus items on the side. Every detail, interaction, and channel contributes to creating an overall memorable experience that will get customers excited to return to your restaurant.

Here are the statistics for a good restaurant


of restaurants are looking to kitchen automation technology to help streamline their operations in 2021.

3 in 4

restaurants plan on offering contactless ordering and payment options across all channels, with 61% utilizing contactless payments on-premise.


of restaurants plan to invest in customer loyalty programs.


of revenue is expected to come through online channels, for restaurants that are using online ordering for delivery and takeout.


of consumers prefer to use a restaurant’s own website or app for food delivery.


of restaurant owners and managers are open to experimenting with their menu.


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