VAT Invoice Format


Article on preparing VAT Invoice for Oman Customers

Here is a ready-to-use VAT Invoice Template in Excel. The user just needs to select his country and can start issuing VAT compliance invoices to their customers.

Before proceeding to the template contents, you need to select your country from the box given beside the template. See image for reference:

VAT Invoice Template

When you select the country, it will automatically change the currency in all cells of the template.

VAT Invoice Template

Now, let us discuss the contents of VAT Invoice Template in detail.

Content of VAT Invoice Template

This template consists of 2 worksheets.

  1. VAT Invoice Template
  2. Database Sheet (Customer Sheet)

Database sheet contains the list of the names of your customers. This list is used for creating the drop-down list in the customer details section of the VAT Invoice Template.

VAT Invoice Template

The invoice Template consists of 4 sections:

  1. Header Section
  2. Customer Details Section
  3. Product Details Section
  4. Other Details Section

1. Header Section

The header section contains the company logo, company name and heading of the invoice ” Tax Invoice”.

VAT Invoice Template

2. Customer Details Section

Customer Detail section programmed and referenced to database sheet with data validation and Vlookup function.

You can select the name of the customer from the drop-down list.

When you select the customer names, the template automatically updates other details of customers in the relevant cell.

VAT Invoice Template

These details include address, phone, email and customer id.

The right-hand side you need to enter the invoice number, invoice date. The due date for payment which is set to 30 days from the date of invoice will appear automatically. Then comes your VAT Registration Number.

3. Product Details Sections

Product details section consists of columns of Description, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount.

The formulas used here are simple mathematical computations.

VAT Invoice Template

Quantity X Unit Price = Amount.

At the end, the subtotal line is given.

4. Other Details Section

Other details section consists of Amount in words, Terms & Conditions, VAT computations @ 5%.

VAT Invoice Template

In addition to that below are given space for Company seal, signature box and “Thank you” message business greeting.

It automatically computes the 5% VAT of the invoice amount and sums up the final total.

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