Touch Screen customer interactive POS


Next-gen POS systems will be the ones which allow customers to check out themselves at the billing counters. And the ones which allow people to place the orders all by themselves at restaurants.

Touch screens can replace signboards with Digital interactive Signages. This allows you to put up a display of your ads and offers. The customer can also use the screen to navigate through the offers and discounts to find out what suits them. Any retail and hotelier business can make use of this fantastic ability.

Creating an interactive screen in a retail environment will enable customers to directly check and get the information they want without having to wait for human assistance. For example, you can set up a kiosk that collects customer information, which the customer themselves can operate. This is also a great way for them to check and review their loyalty programs. They can also be encouraged to take surveys for analyzing market trends. POSBANK is the leading global provider of Point of Sale solutions since 1994 based in South Korea and has a presence over 80 countries around the world. POSBANK offers a wide range of POS terminals, Touch screen monitors, Thermal printers and Peripherals for various industries such as Hospitality, Retail, Banking and so on. Over the years, Posbank has been able to gain thousands of customer’s trust and has fixed its place in the industry with our quality products and service

In the case of restaurants, you can embed the Touch screen system in the tables so customers can directly place the order themselves. This helps your staff focus on getting the food ready and delivered efficiently. For both restaurants and retail businesses, the touch screens are a great way to avail customer feedback. The customer is more likely to fill out an onscreen form than have to write it on a notebook.

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